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Double Surfing Fun with Clicktastic Traffic & Merry Go Round Ads in Tandem Promos.
All Members get Double Credits on Tandem Cross Promo Days.

  • Magical Journey Parties
  • Daily Cross Promos
  • Surfer Rewards
  • Promo Code Rewards
  • Top 5 Surfer Rewards Daily
  • Dynamic Surf Ratios for all Member Levels
  • Wizard Surf Ratios Upgraded Member Levels
  • 7 New Member Bonuses
  • Earn Upgrades & Buy with Promo Cash
  • Trackers and Rotators
  • Steal the Spot
  • Many Games including Steal the Flag and Bingo
  • Downline Integrity and One Click Downline Filler
  • Random Referrals for Upgraded Members
  • Affordable Member Upgrade Levels
  • Active Caring Owners & Admin
  • Responsive Fast Support
  • Surfer Jetfuel & Turbo Minutes


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    The Food Game Partner

    Owned & Operated by Cheryl and Rickey Gardner, Army Veteran
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